Tony’s auto body uses water borne technology. This system was mastered by the PPG paint company. Designed for color excellence and process optimization this groundbreaking waterborne technology. This allows us to be environmentally friendly while achieving exact color matches on all of today’s vehicles from old to new. The majority of today’s vehicles are painted from the factory using water base paint for example; Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Chrysler, Porsche, and BMW not to mention a few others. We can duplicate the exact color match while also using the factory color code to guide us. Many of our competitors don’t use and cannot compete with our paint technology allowing us to stand out from the pack. We paint our vehicles and parts using a fully heated, full downdraft spray booth imported from Padova Italy using European technology. This innovative spray booth has exceptional air flow which makes the whole refinishing process impeccable. The water base color is cured using four large air turbines that are integrated in our spray booth, after applying our high solid UV resistant clear coat. It is then baked at 150 degrees for thirty-five minutes resulting in a pristine factory finish.

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refinishing 1
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